Company Overview

Alvin Townley founded LegacyCraft when he discovered two unfortunate realities:

First, many organizations have difficulty making values and history relevant to customers and employees; their milestone celebrations can fail to drive revenue or achieve strategic goals.

Second, while legacy is an individual or family's most valuable asset, many 'leave legacy to chance' and don't make investments necessary to ensure their future impact.

LegacyCraft helps clients activate their legacy and tell their story in a strategic and effective manner by offering award-winning experience in strategy, writing, and filmmaking. During a Strategic Legacy Activation process, LegacyCraft identifies key elements of legacy and a client's personal or corporate objectives. We build a bespoke strategy that can include communication and event plans and key deliverables such as videos, films, and books that will ensure clients achieve their goals and realize their broader aspirations.

We believe in the power of story; we can help tell yours.

"Past is prologue" - The Tempest, William Shakespeare
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