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Awards and Reviews

'Authentic' - Medal of Honor recipient Bud Day

'Compelling' - Quarterback Peyton Manning

'Gripping' - The New York Times

'Excellent' - Jim Lovell, commander, Apollo 13

'Exhilarating' - Publishers Weekly

'Inspiring' - President Jimmy Carter

'Inspirational' - Defense Sec. Robert Gates

'Invaluable' - Mayor Michael Bloomberg

'Must-read' Defense Sec. Melvin Laird

'New American Classic' - Stephen Coonts

'Powerful' - POW Michael McGrath

'Riveting' - Senator John McCain

'Superb' - J. W. Marriott, Jr.

'Unforgettable' - President Jimmy Carter

Georgia Author of the Year (Defiant)

Four Emmy Awards including Best Historical Documentary (Jeremiah)

"Past is prologue" - The Tempest, William Shakespeare
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