Activate legacy to drive revenue and achieve corporate goals


Successful organizations spend decades creating successful cultures and valuable brands. How can they leverage that investment to generate new returns?

LegacyCraft helps corporate clients activate their legacy by:

  1. Harnessing the power of Strategic Legacy Activation
  2. Turning legacy into revenue
  3. Helping set the right goals for each client and ensuring they achieve them
  4. Developing plans to make corporate legacy an employee and customer touchstone
  5. Creating compelling books, films, and other deliverables that activate legacy and trigger desired actions in internal and external markets

LegacyCraft also works with organizations who wish to honor important constituents and contributors and capture their unique and enduring value to the enterprise and its legacy.


Consulting and advisory services

LegacyCraft services include single-day planning sessions as well as multi-day planning sessions and on-going project-based consulting. Single day sessions begin at $2,500. Pricing for longer engagements varies based on scope.

Writing projects

Pricing for writing projects varies based on length, interview needs, research requirements, and other factors. The LegacyCraft minimum for books is $50,000. A useful rule of thumb is $20,000 per month for a bestselling New York Times-reviewed author. Rates for other authors will vary.

Film and video

Budgets for film and video production vary significantly based on time, locations, editing, shooting requirements, and other factors. The LegacyCraft minimum is $6,000 and we suggest planning for $1,000 - $2,000 per minute of finished video or film. Rest assured we will work carefully with clients to ensure their final product strikes the right balance of content, budget, and impact.

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"Past is prologue" - The Tempest, William Shakespeare
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